About Us

Pineapple Express. What we are.

Some might say it is a “meteorological phenomenon." Others classify it as a hybrid strain of marijuana. However, for investors, industry insiders, and burgeoning canna-businesses, it is something very different… Pineapple Express [OTC Grey: PNPL] is a provider of consulting, investing in, expanding, and/or rebranding existing and newly established businesses in the cannabis industry.

About Us
Pineapple Express
Our Mission

Pineapple Express [OTC Grey: PNPL] is a provider of capital to our canna-business clientele, leases real properties to those canna-businesses, and provides consulting and technology to develop, enhance, and/or expand existing and newly formed infrastructures. We intend to create a nationally branded chain of company owned cannabis retail stores under the "Pineapple Express" name as soon as federal laws allow.

We are pioneers.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Pineapple Express provides expert consulting, product licensing, and capital to help distinguish and grow new and existing businesses within the cannabis industry. In supplying industry specific technologies and ancillary support services, the company provides a turnkey operating environment to canna-business managers.

Pineapple Express is home to some of the most experienced and well-connected minds in the business, immediately placing its investors and clients at the forefront of an industry that is foreign to most.